Welcome to Fort Willow Archaeology

Many thanks to student Sarah Benoit for her fine artwork that graces the top of this site.

Map of Fort Willow buildings

Map of Fort Willow

Artist's Rendition of Fort Willow during the War of 1812

Artist’s Redition of Fort Willow

This site contains details about the archaeological field school at Fort Willow, conducted as a credit course for students at St. Joseph’s High School in Barrie, Ontario.

A note of thanks to all students from Mr. Carter’s archaeology class, who conducted the ongoing research for this project.

Excavations in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015 and 2017 were partially funded by generous donations from the Barrie Rotary Club’s Environmental Committee.

Excavations in 2013 were funded by a grant from the Federal Government of Canada’s War of 1812 Commemorative Fund.

Excavations in 2017 were partially funded by a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Education through the Community-Connected Experiential Learning fund. 

If you visit ( or are visiting ) the Fort, use your smartphone or tablet to take a virtual Augmented Reality tour of the Fort by downloading the LAYAR or JUNAIO apps and searching for the Fort Willow channel.


Click Here to Watch a Video
about Augmented Reality at the Fort

The development of the Augmented Reality was made possible thanks to a donation of technology funds from the Barrie Rotary Club Environmental Committee.

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