About the St. Joseph’s High School Field School

The archaeology field school at St. Joseph’s High School has been running since 2005.

  • During second semester of each school year, Grade 12 students can sign up for two back-to-back full credit courses: Archaeology, and Canadian History.
  • The first three months of the class involve in-class lessons on the theory and method of archaeology alongside lessons on early Canadian history.
  • By May and June, the students are ready to dig. Every day for six weeks, the students board the school bus to Fort Willow for a half-day of real archaeological excavation.
  • Each year, approximately 3,000 artifacts are recovered. These finds are cleaned and bagged by after-school student volunteers in the Archaeology Club, for eventual delivery to the Simcoe County Museum for storage and display.
  • After each field season, a professional report is submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Culture by the teacher, Trevor Carter (who is also a licenced professional archaeologist with the Ontario Ministry of Culture).

Many students who have taken this course have gone on to post-secondary archaeological studies,or have found work with archaeological consulting companies around the province!

Some of our student diggers over the years:

2005 Excavators
2006 Excavators
2007 Excavators
2008 Excavators
2009 Excavators


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