Contemporary Barracks & Cookhouses

Other forts in Canada have similar Barracks Cookhouses, comparable to that which likely existed at Fort Willow.

Researcher: Matt Norton, Grade 12

Fort York

Fort York was established in 1793 by Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe. The buildings of Fort York are similar to those of Fort Willow even though Fort York is a much larger establishment. Fort York’s Barracks and Soldier’s Kitchen were excavated, and artifacts similar to those found at Fort Willow were uncovered: many thick, coarse kitchen ceramics (from mixing and baking bowls, not fine tableware), food bone waste, and some tableware items including mugs, plates and smoking pipes.

Fort Wellington

Fort Wellington was built by the British to defend the Gallop Rapids in the St. Lawrence River near Prescott, Ontario.

Fort Wellington itself is not similar to Fort Willow in size or layout, but each fort’s Kitchen space has similar archaeological finds such as thick utilitarian ceramics, fine tableware, animal bones from food waste, and many other foodway items such as utensils, pans, and plates.


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