Archaeology at the Blockhouses

Researcher: Oskars Pavasars, Grade 12

Wilfred Jury was the first archaeologist to work at Fort Willow in the late 1950s. He claimed to have found large building foundations in two places at the Fort. The foundations were so substantial that he believed they supported massive two story structures, most likely blockhouses.

Regrettably, Jury’s archaeology report (with descriptions, drawings and photos of his finds) has been lost. Recent archaeology work has tried to locate and rediscover the blockhouse remains that Jury claimed to have found, but so far, no blockhouse remains have been found.

British documents relating to the Fort do not indicate that any blockhouses were ever built here; taken together with the lack of recent archaeological evidence for a blockhouse, it seems possible that Jury was incorrect in interpreting the presence of blockhouses at the Fort.

It should be remembered that Fort Willow was actually a supply depot, not a Fort as such; therefore, the lack of a complete palisade or blockhouses should not come as such a surprise.


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