Other Contemporary Officer’s Cookhouses

Officer's Kitchen from Niagara on the Lake

Reconstructed Officer’s Cookhouse at Niagara-on-the-Lake

Researcher: Will Murphy, Grade 11

Officer’s kitchens exist in almost every British fort found in any of its Colonies, with other examples of them existing in Fort Henry, Fort George, and rooms with similar purposes in the Officer’s Barracks/Mess establishment at Fort York (all of which are other British forts in Canada). However, in most cases, these other buildings were likely built better and for more officers than the one that would have stood at Fort Willow, since these other Forts had larger forces stationed at them and they were manned longer than Fort Willow. For example, Fort Henry had three Officer’s Kitchens for the maximum number of 11 Officers that were stationed there. Remember, Fort Willow was only a small temporary supply depot which was supposed to be abandoned by the British shortly after the end of the War of 1812.


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