About the Officers’ Quarters

Reconstructed Officer’s Quarters, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Reconstructed interior of an Officer’s Quarters

Researcher: Haiden Jennings, Grade 12

The Commandant’s House was a place where the officers could go and relax. Leisurely activities could be played in the Officer’s Quarters such as reading, chess etc., away from the communal accommodations suffered by the regularly soldiery. Officers were members of the upper class or high ranking officials. Officers that were in the infantry or cavalry had to pay for their own supplies and essentials. Many officers purchased their military position from the British Crown, but officers who attended the Royal Military Academy did not have to pay for their commission.

An added bonus for the officers was their right to bring wives and families with them to the Fort, which was not allowed for the regular soldiers. Given this fact, it was essential that the Officers have their own Quarters.

According to the archaeologial findings of Wilfred Jury in the 1950s, the Officer’s Quarters also had a separate structure for accommodating any visiting officers and their family. Both the Officer’s and Visiting Officer’s Quarters were served by an exclusive cookhouse, separate from that which fed the regular enlisted soldiers.


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