Archaeology at the Palisade

2010 Archaeology showing Fort Willow reconstructed palisade remains
Excavations in 2010. Remains of posts from a 1960s reconstructed palisade are visible in the closest excavation unit.
2010 Archaeology showing close-up of 1960s Fort Willow reconstructed palisade
Close-up of remains from 1960s reconstructed palisade.

Researcher: Brent DiFebo, Grade 12

Fort Willow was believed by 1950s archaeologist Wilfred Jury to have had a palisade around it, although recent excavations in 2005 and 2010 have failed to find any evidence for one. Since Wilfred Jury’s excavation reports have not been found, it is impossible to say what evidence Jury had to make his palisade claim. There is also documentary evidence that indicates that a palisade did not exist at the Fort. The current site reconstruction only has a partial palisade to address the palisade current controversy regarding the presence of a palisade at the Fort.


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